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Tarte Carried Away Eyeshadows

I bought these eyeshadows last year around Christmas Time and never got around to swatching them. Lately this has been my go to palette. The colors vary from Neutral to Bright. I LOVE Touchdown in Londontown, it reminds me of Violet from the MAC Pigments. I also love the Purples & Greens since they are great warm colors we can now use for the fall. Hope you enjoy. 

Top Row (L-R): Snowfall in Paris &Golden Gate Bridge
Bottom Row (L-R): Volcanic Ash & Pyramid Gold

L to R: Snowfall in Paris, Golden Gate Bridge, Pyramid Gold & Volcanic Ash

Top Row (L-R): Pearl River &
Seychelles Sand 
Bottom Row (L-R): 
Touchdown in Londontown & Martha's Vineyard

L to R: Pearl River, Seychelles Sand, Touchdown in Londontown & Martha's Vineyard

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

I learned about this DIY from watching YouTube Videos as well as seeing Hollyann from BeautifulReports make one. 

I spent a total of $11 and I bought the following

Clipboard- $3 [Staples]
Glue Gun- $4 [Home Depot]
Glue Sticks- $4 [Home Depot]

If you research or
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